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Experience Immersive Learning

XRLibraries provides effective and powerful way to integrate XR immersive learning into schools and libraries,​ working with libraries and schools to select the best XR resources for classrooms and libraries.

Immersive Learning

XRLibraries is an all-in-one learning solution that includes everything you need to create and manage XR immersive learning experiences. From content creation tools to analytics, our platform has everything you need to ensure the success of your learning program.


Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development Project SANDI provides  virtual reality experiences of credentialed jobs.  XRLibraries and Lifeliqe installed over 1100 VR headsets in community college and public libraries throughout Nevada. 

Immersive Storytelling

Immersive storytelling uses 360° photos or videos to tell a story in an immersive way.  Easy-to-use 360° cameras allows librarians to showcase historical sites, natural wonders, and library facilities in a way that’s exciting, engaging, and creative. We provide training and workshops for creating 360 videos.

A Way Out of No Way

Marin City youth created immersive experiences of African-American workers in the Marin Shipyards during WWII. Youth  created a musical tribute to the Black workers to accompany the VR experience of the Shipyard and living in Marin City during WWII.

Enhanced AR

Working with Charleston, South Carolina Burke High School teachers, parents and students to produce an AR Scavenger Hunt of Black businesses to share with the community. The project  brings to life a sometimes forgotten past to live on in the community. 






Flyover Zone

Washington State Library

Nevada State Library

California State Library


Internet Library

Marin County Office of Education


New Media Learning


SJSU School of Information

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