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The library  has always been home to our knowledge, dreams and imagination throughout the collections and programs libraries offer their communities.

The Metaverse has been around for decades.
With emerging technology and creation programs we're able to create portals into virtual worlds where people can interact with each other on a level playing field. Creating A Metaverse Library conjures up a myriad of possibilities and opportunities to explore.

We are constructing an immersive environment that is "home" to many different experiences and places for interaction. This "home" will host a community's Lost Stories built by high school students working with SJSU
students in the Mozilla hub.

Lost Stories Metaverse

The San José State University School of Information launches "Children Draw War, Not Flowers" in Virtual Reality, a pioneering VR art exhibition showcasing the resilience and experiences of Ukrainian children affected by war, while highlighting the role of librarians and cultural heritage preservation during conflict. 

Ukrainian Children
Draw War, Not Flowers

To launch the Metaverse Culture Series, Meta brought together  prominent Black creators and media in Horizon Workrooms. This discussion, “Black Future,” explored how the metaverse can become a space for Black culture and creativity to thrive.

Black Future

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