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Our Services

Our range of products, workshops and consulting for integrating XR technologies and programs in schools and libraries are based on providing safe, clean XR products, programs and support services.

XR Showcase is an episodic series where our hosts George and Camila teach you about the best VR and AR content for your library as well as the best practices for using extended reality in a public setting.


XR: Augmented, Virtual and MIxed Reality is changing the way we explore, learn and communicate. We provide end to end solutions for XR from equipment and content selection to training and technical support. Our goal is to enable equitable access to XR for schools and libraries.

Immersive Storytelling

 Immersive storytelling uses 360° photos or videos to tell a story in a way that traditional media cannot.

Easy-to-use 360° cameras allow librarians to showcase historical sites, natural wonders, and library faciities in a way that’s exciting, engaging, and creative.


We sell VR and 360 video equipment. Including hygiene kits.

Our catalogue of over 300 XR apps are included in Themed Playbooks  created for programs and discussion with pre-installed apps on the VR headset.

We run programs for youth and adults interested in learning how to create VR and AR.

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