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XR Showcase

XR Showcase is an episodic series where our hosts George and Camila teach you about the best VR and AR content for your library as well as the best practices for using extended reality in a public setting.

In each episode, we'll take you inside a high-quality app and demonstrate how to navigate the world of XR. From immersive documentaries, to virtual popup books, to VR painting apps, to puzzle games, and so much more.

We'll also demonstrate how to best use the exciting new technologies of XR, including how to guide patrons through VR worlds and how to make your own immersive content.

Click here to watch the trailer for XR Showcase!

Episode 1 - Ecosphere

In this first episode of XR Showcase, we bring you face to face with enormous elephants and majestic manta rays in Ecosphere, one of our favorite 360° video apps.

We also demonstrate how to properly sanitize a VR headset, which is vital if you're working with VR in any public setting.

Episode 2 - LP Bookspace

In this episode of XR Showcase, we demonstrate a revolutionary new teaching aid: augmented reality books! By using friendly characters to explain the story and quiz the reader, LP Bookspace helps kids with reading comprehension in a unique and innovative way.

Afterwards, we demonstrate how to use ultraviolet cleaning devices on your headsets, which are an easy, mess-free way to sanitize your VR equipment.

Episode 3 - Tilt Brush

In this episode of XR Showcase, we dive into one of the best creative apps we've ever seen in VR: Tilt Brush! Paint in 3D and create whole worlds from your imagination.

We also demonstrate how to place a new patron into VR at a public event.

Episode 4 - Moss & Uptale (Part 1)

In this episode of XR Showcase, we explore Moss, an immersive puzzle-platformer game built exclusively for VR.

We'll also introduce you to Uptale, a platform for building 360° virtual tours that can be viewed through a VR headset.

Episode 5 - Apollo 11 VR Quest & uptale (Part 2)

In this episode of XR Showcase, we take you into orbit in Apollo 11 VR HD, an immersive 3D VR documentary about the mission that put the first men on the moon.

We also head back into uptale to demonstrate how to view your virtual tour on a VR headset.

Episode 6 - Wander

In this episode of XR Showcase, we explore the world in Wander. This app uses 360° photos sourced from all over the world to let you trek across the planet.

We also demonstrate how you can record your own video within a Quest 2 headset and export it to your computer. This is something we do for most episodes of XR Showcase!

Episode 7 - Fujii

In this episode of XR Showcase, we take you on a surreal puzzle adventure in Fujii, a unique immersive experience where you'll explore a mysterious garden full of cute little creatures.

We also demonstrate how to import media to your Quest 2 headset, and how to play it back via the Meta Quest TV app.

Episode 8 - Gadgeteer

In this episode of XR Showcase, we show you one of the best puzzle-solving and puzzle-building apps we've ever seen: Gadgeteer.

We'll also go over important tips for operating a VR event at scale, including the stations you'll need to set up to keep your headsets rotating between patrons.

Episode 9 - Yorescape

In this episode of XR Showcase, we jump into Yorescape, a fantastic app for your smart devices that lets you take guided and narrated tours of beautiful historic locations.

We also demonstrate what a VR guardian boundary is, how it works, and how you can set one up whenever you start a new VR session.

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