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Equity and Diversity

XR enhances EMPATHY for each other and our cultural differences and backgrounds. Our focus is on community engagement and making the XR resources available to students and community members to help them tell their stories in XR.


An interview with Alicia Garza from Black Lives Matters is destined for the equity metaverse being built by students.


Virtual Reality allows you to experience how it is to ‘walk’ in another person’s shoes or ‘see’ through their eyes in our Equity Playbook. Stories of hope, perseverance and dignity of the human spirit abound in Virtual Reality. 

Discover the “Lost Stories” in  A Way Out of No Way and the Briggs vs Elliott school bus case in South Carolina as animated VR experiences. 


Augmented Reality (AR) is used to create a Black Wall Street of Charleston Scavenger Hunt. 



Understanding diversity, equity and social justice is enhanced by personally experiencing implicit biases. A Way out of No Way makes a community’s “lost stories” come alive in a personal way. XR learning allows students to experience studies in an immersive environment where research has proven higher retention rates for learning. The tools for creating XR are available to create immersive experiences.

A Way Out Of No Way provided XR Core Craft skills in a culturally relevant project examining diversity and equity. Students created  multi-media experiences telling the stories of Marin City’ African-American workers in the Marin Shipyards during WWII. The project had three separate tracks; Immersive Storytelling, Music, and VR modeling. The students, known as the Marinovators created a musical tribute to the Black workers, along with a VR experience of the Shipyard and living in Marin City during WWII.

Watch our video here.

A Way Out Of No Way

You can witness the world through a blind person’s eyes in Notes on Blindness, or understand the hurdles of African Americans traveling in the America of the 1960’s in Traveling While Black. Be immersed in the modern racial justice movement in In Protest, or get in the mind of a someone who has mental health issues in Depression. Uncover the story of a wrongfully convicted man in Send Me Home. Stories of hope, perseverance and dignity of the human spirit abound in Virtual Reality. 

Equity & Diversity Playbook

Working with The Preservation Society of Charleston,

the Burke High School Foundation, and the District 20 Principal

Collaboration Program to create an AR enhanced tour of Black businesses demonstrates a commitment to preserving

the history of Black businesses in Charleston, South Carolina.

Burke High School CTE students have an opportunity to develop XR Core Craft Skills creating an Augmented Reality (AR) Scavenger Hunt featuring Charleston Black Businesses. This interactive tour will serve as an educational tool, shedding light on the entrepreneurial spirit of Black individuals.

The Black Wall Street of Charleston

XRLostStories began to harness the power of XR to bring marginalized history back into our collective consciousness. such as the experience of African-American workers in the WWII Sausalito Shipyards.We look to discover other "Lost Stories"  in the communities of Latino, Asian-Pacific and Native Americans.

Equity & Diversity Metaverse

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