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Virtual Reality Exhibit Gives Voice to Ukrainian Children and Librarians

The San José State University School of Information launches "Children Draw War, Not Flowers" in Virtual Reality, a pioneering VR art exhibition showcasing the resilience and experiences of Ukrainian children affected by war, while highlighting the role of librarians and cultural heritage preservation during conflict. 

This browser-based VR experience allows visitors to explore a powerful 3D environment featuring poignant artworks by Ukrainian children aged 4 to 16, reflecting the realities of war through imagery. Virtual galleries display the destruction of Ukrainian libraries, underscoring their vital roles as humanitarian and cultural centers.

Viewers are immersed in frontline videos documenting the ongoing ravages of war.

Spearheaded by Dr. Anthony Chow and Assistant Professor Ulia Gosart, and created by graduate assistants Kelly Rausch and Sara Clair and student interns Jonathan Velazquez and Tania Isidra Damaso, the project was made possible through collaborations with Ukrainian libraries, organizations, and initiatives.

This virtual exhibition is viewable using your web browser across devices though best experienced using desktop computers or VR headsets. 

Please, share this link to support Ukrainian children and librarians while amplifying awareness of their unwavering courage amidst adversity.

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